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The Beach House by Beverley Jones

Genre: Mystery

I received a copy of this for review to take part in the blog tour. All opinions are my own.

The beach house was perfect place to hide. Or so she thought . . . 

When Grace Jensen returns to her home one day, she finds a body in a pool of blood and a
menacing gift left for her.

The community of Lookout Beach is shocked by such a brutal intrusion in their close-knit neighbourhood – particularly to a family as successful and well-liked as the Jensens – and a police investigation to find the trespasser begins. But Grace knows who’s after her. She might have changed her name and moved across the world, deciding to hide on the Oregon coast, but she’s been waiting seventeen years for what happened in the small Welsh town where she grew up to catch-up with her.

Grace might seem like the model neighbour and mother, but nobody in Lookout Beach – not even her devoted husband Elias – knows the real her. Or how much blood is on her hands.


The Beach House follows a classic mystery format. In the present day Grace discovers a dead body on her kitchen floor. But who is he, and why was he in her house? Was it a random home intrusion? Or is it connected to something that happened in her past?

Grace is left questioning what happened, and wondering how the life she left behind, seems to be catching up with her…

Amongst the present day story, we get flashbacks to Grace’s childhood. She grew up in a small village on the South Wales Coast. She had a very close group of friends, but things started to change when a new girl came along. They would tell local ghost stories, until something happened.

Beverley managed to seamlessly weave together these story lines. I was constantly kept on edge, trying to work out what was going on. This is a novel which will keep you on your toes, with secrets and lies aplenty.

Definitely a read you’ll want to pick up and devour, a perfect one-sitting read!

About the Author

Beverley Jones (B E Jones) is a former journalist and police press officer. She was born in a small village in the valleys of South Wales and worked as a print journalist with Trinity Mirror
newspapers, before becoming a broadcast journalist with BBC Wales Today.

She also worked as a press officer and media manager for South Wales Police, participating in criminal investigations, security operations, counter terrorism and emergency planning. She channels these experiences of true crime, and her insight into the murkier side of human nature, into her dark, psychological thrillers.

Her most recent novels, Where She Went, Halfway and Wilderness are published by Little Brown. Wilderness has recently been optioned by Firebird Pictures for development into a six-part TV series by Amazon Prime, due to air in 2023.

You can follow Bev on Twitter (@bevjoneswriting) and Instragram (@bevjoneswriting)

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