Review | The Thief on the Winged Horse

The Thief on the Winged Horse by Kate Mascarenhas ★★★★☆

Genre: Speculative Fiction

Pages: 400

Released: 12th November

I received a copy of this for review from the publishers (Head of Zeus) via NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

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Upcoming Releases | November 2020

All dates refer to the UK release date. Pre-order links to Bert’s Books or Hive where available.

  • Zeus is a Dick by Susie Donkin [Pre-order, Hive]
    • An exploration of Greek Myth by a Horrible Histories writer. Need I say more?
    • Released 5th November
  • Master of One by Jaida Jones & Dani Bennett [Pre-order, Hive]
    • A fantasy featuring a thief, fae and queer rep
    • Released 10th November
  • The Thief on the Winged Horse by Kate Mascarenhas [Pre-order, Hive]
    • *I received an early copy of this from the publisher via NetGalley. Review coming soon.
    • Persephone Kendrick longs to break tradition and make dolls which can make you feel emotions, a role currently only avilable to men.
    • Released 12th November
  • The Betrayals by Bridget Collins [Pre-order, Bert’s Books]
    • I would honestly read anything from Bridget Collins after adoring her writing in The Binding.
    • Released 12th November
  • One by One by Ruth Ware [Pre-order, Hive]
    • I’ve seen some fantastic reviews of this from people with similar taste in thrillers to me. It’s an isolated murder mystery, which I adore!
    • Released 12th November
  • These Vengeful Hearts by Katherine Laurin [Pre-order, Hive]
    • This sounds like a dark and twisty secret society story set in a high school.
    • Released 12th November
  • These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong [Pre-order, Hive]
    • A reimagining of Romeo and Juliet set in 1920s Shanghai
    • Released 17th November
  • This Is Not a Ghost Story by Andrea Portes [Pre-order, Hive]
    • The synopsis to this has isolated haunted house vibes, and the cover is just gorgeous
    • Released 26th November
  • Letters from the Dead by Sam Hurcom [Pre-order, Hive]
    • I loved the first book (A Shadow on the Lens) in this historical mystery series with a hint of the supernatural. Bonus points for the Welsh setting!
    • Released 26th November
  • Thirteen Storeys by Jonathan Sims [Pre-order, Hive]
    • This is sort of giving me And Then There Were None meets haunted house vibes. A group of people invited to a party by a stranger, one of them ends up dead.
    • Released 26th November

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TBR | Gothtober

For the month of October I’m taking part in Gothtober. This is a readathon based around Gothic themes, but you can read any genre to fit the prompts! If you want to know more about how it works, you can check out the Twitter page.

As well as the main prompts, there are three representation prompts. I’m meeting these within the rest of my TBR:

  • LGBTQ+
  • Disability
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TBR | Becca’s Bookoplathon

For the month of September I’m taking part in Becca’s Bookoplathon. If you want to know more about how it works, you can check out Becca’s announcement video.

You can choose how many rolls you want to do, but any doubles mean you add an additional roll (and therefore book). I decided to go with 6 rolls, meaning I was aiming for 6 books. You can see how well that worked out for me…

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