Rereading: Station Eleven


Station Eleven

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel


Published: 2014

Format: eBook

Pages: 333

Genre: Literary Fiction, Dystopian

Original review, April 2016

I originally read this last year, and really enjoyed it rating it 4 stars. At the time, I knew I would revisit it, and saw BooksandQuills EndoftheWorldBookClub as a sign I should pick it up again.

And I loved it even more the second time. This is now a firm feature in my favourite books of all time!

I’m normally wary of novels which jump between different perspectives, there’s usually one I can’t stand, but Mandel managed it perfectly. Her writing is wonderful, the characters are all great, and I completely adore this story.

I said last year I wanted to try more of Emily St John Mandel’s work, and I’ve finally bought copies of The Lola Quartet and Last Night in Montreal (in wonderfully matching paperback editions). Hopefully it will help remind me to delve back in to her writing!

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