Book Review: A History of Britain in 21 Women


A History of Britain in 21 Women

A History of Britain in 21 Women by Jenni Murray ★★★★★

Published: 2016

Format: Audiobook

Pages: 304

Genre: Non Fiction

Britain has been defined by its conflicts, its conquests, its men, and its monarchs. To say that it’s high time that it was defined by its women falls some way short of an understatement.

Jenni Murray draws together the lives 21 women to shed light upon a variety of social, political, religious and cultural aspects of British history. In lively prose Murray reinvigorates the stories behind the names we all know and reveals the fascinating tales behind those less familiar, ultimately producing a unique history of Britain that is as long-overdue as it is absorbing. From famous queens to forgotten visionaries, and from great artists to our most influential political actors, A History of Britain in 21 Women is a veritable feast of page-turning history.

I rarely read any non fiction, but I picked this up on a whim when it was an Audible Daily Deal. And I ended up loving it! It’s my first 5 star rating of the year, which tells you all you need to know.

This had a great mixture of fantastic women I’m already aware of, as well as some I’d never heard of before. Even for the most familiar of the women (Queen Elizabeth I) I found out things I never new about. Woven through the book, amongst the historical information, Jenni Murray also gives a personal edge to how she was first introduced to some of the people mentioned, or how they affected her.

This was such a fantastic book for me. It’s reignited the love for history and since reading it I’ve started reading more about the women mentioned in the book and their backgrounds. I even went out and bought a physical copy of the book so I could dip in and out of it again.

I’m not sure I could give it much more praise!

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