Book Review: A Gathering of Shadows



A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab (Shades of Magic #2) ★★★★☆

Published: 2016

Format: eBook

Pages: 513

Genre: Fantasy

This review is spoiler free for this book, however will contain spoilers for A Darker Shade of Magic

Kell is racked with guilt following the events of A Darker Shade of Magic. Lila has been making her way through a strange world. An extravagant magical competition between three nations is taken place in Red London. Meanwhile, another London is returning…

I really enjoyed A Darker Shade of Magic (I rated it 4 stars) but I was never completely pulled into the hype. Now, I have well and truly fallen for both the series and V. E. Schwab.

I was instantly sucked into the story, as we start off following Lila. She’s such an awesome character, and I feel like we get to see much more of her in this book. Fingers crossed that continues into the finale! I have to say, I am less interested in the chapters from Kell’s point of view but I did still really enjoy them.

This had two things which are usually an instant hit for me: pirates, and over the top competitions. And both were executed wonderfully. Competitions in books can be fairly predictable, but Schwab is unafraid to put her characters in danger.

I’m really excited for the conclusion to this trilogy, and the other V.E. Schwab books I already own have been bumped right up my TBR!

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