Book Review: Murder on the Orient Express



Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie (Hercule Poirot #10) ★★★★☆

Published: 1934

Format: Paperback

Pages: 274

Genre: Crime, Classic

Hercule Poirot is traveling on the Orient Express when it comes to a standstill due to snow drifts. While stuck in the middle of nowhere, a millionaire is stabbed in his sleep, his door locked on the inside. Poirot takes it upon himself to investigate the murder to ensure the safety of the other passengers.

After reading my first few Agatha Christie novels, I didn’t really ‘get’ the popularity of her and her work. But I persevered and now rank some of her work among my favourite novels. By this point in the Poirot series, Christie had more that reached her stride. It’s incredibly clever and well thought out, with the strands of the storyline neatly weaved together.

There was a great cast of characters in this story, their backgrounds revealed bit by bit, leading us to have no idea who-done-it! While there are hints throughout the novel  suggesting potential answers, the final reveal came as a big surprise to me (although it made sense as a solution).

Overall I really enjoyed this mystery – it’s up there with my favourites (although doesn’t quite top And Then There Were None)

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