2016 Reading Statistics


I love seeing this sort of thing on other blogs, so here are some quick statistics on my reading this year!

Full list of books read

Total Books Read = 102 (including 2 re-reads)

Total Pages Read = 32,524 (Averaging 89 per day, 316 per book)

Authors Read = 76 (Most Read = Lemony Snickett)


I own more eBooks than anything else, so it’s good to see I’ve been balancing my reading properly!


I’m really pleased with how my ratings are distributed. I keep my 5* ratings for books I really love! I’ve averaged a rating of 3.5 stars this year.


I really wanted to make sure I mix up my genres, and it definitely looks like I have! While I did easily read more fantasy than anything else, I did seem to mix things up nicely as well.

On Sunday, I’ll be sharing my favourite books of the year!

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