Book Review: Illuminae



Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff (The Illuminae Files #1) ★★★★★

Published: 2015

Format: Paperback

Pages: 599

Genre: Science Fiction, Young Adult

Following an attack on an illegal mining coloney, the refugees are picked up by some near by ships. But the enemy pursues them across space. We follow (recently broken up) Kady and Ezra as problems continue to grow among the fleet.

I was very skeptical going into this book. I’m wary of books which aren’t written in prose, and with the multi media format of Illuminae I was concerned that I wouldn’t connect with the story or characters.

I was very wrong. While it took a little while to really get sucked in to the story, once I was I couldn’t put it down. The mixture of formats really helped with the pacing of the story, highlighting tense or fast paced moments of the plot.

I was completely on edge with the goings on, and genuinely worried for the characters lives. There were also brilliant twists and turns throughout the story. While they were surprises, they also didn’t feel completely out of place, which was brilliantly done.

Overall, this book is definitely worthy of all the hype. I really loved it and it’s gone straight into my favourites.

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