Book Review: The Increasingly Transparent Girl



The Increasingly Transparent Girls by Matthew Stott (Tales From Between #3) ★★★★☆

Published: 2016

Format: eBook

Pages: 117

Genre: Children’s

One day, Melody May begins to become transparent. She has been caught by an enchantment and she must travel across the world between awake and asleep the get her body back before she ceases to exist.

While this is the third in the series, it can definitely be read on it’s own (although there are tie backs to the first book A Monstrous Place which I would also recommend checking out).

Melody May was a brilliant lead character, she was fiesty and adventurous, but still felt like a normal young girl. And the return of Mr Adams and Neil was an added bonus.

There were great twists throughout the story, and I loved the expansion of the world we saw in this book.

Overall, this is a brilliantly fun and spooky children’s book. It had the same kind of feeling I had while I read Coraline by Neil Gaiman so if you’re a fan of that I’d definitely recommend picking this up.

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