Book and Screen Review: The 100



The 100 by Kass Morgan (The Hundred Series, #1) ★★★☆☆

Published: 2013

Format: eBook

Pages: 323

Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction

Following a nuclear war which devastated Earth centuries ago, the only remaining humans have lived their entire lives on a spaceship. But now is time to test the planet’s surface for re-colonization. One hundred juvenile delinquents are sent to see if they can survive.

I haven’t got a huge amount to say about this book, simply because not a huge amount happened. I liked it enough as a set up, and do plan to give the second in the series a go.

The TV Series

The show on the other hand, is action packed. To put it into perspective the events of the book are pretty much covered in episode one.

If you want a show about survivale and conflict, about an Earth which is part futuristic and part pre-historic and a great range of different characters I would definitely recommend checking this out.

Should you read the book first? Honestly, you’re not missing out anything by not picking it up. If you’ve got it, give it a try, but I wouldn’t rush out to pick it up.


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