Book Review: Coraline



Coraline by Neil Gaiman ★★★★☆

Published: 2002

Format: Paperback

Pages: 208

Genre: Children’s, Fantasy

Coraline has moved to a new house. In the new house is a door, it’s bricked up and leads to nowhere. Until one day it does. On the otherside of the door Coraline finds her other mother. She has black buttoned eyes and papery skin and she wants Coraline to stay with her. Forever.

This is a short but sweet children’s book. But that doesn’t mean it holds back!

Coraline is your typical  young girl. She’s fed up of her parents working all the time. She’s explored the house and the garden. And is just bored. When she finds the door to her other family she’s excited to explore.

The atmosphere is wonderfully creepy, slowly building through the story and resulting in one of the creepiest books I’ve read in a long time. In fact it gets pretty dark considering the intended audience. Chris Riddell’s illustrations through my copy only add to the tone.

This is definitely a children’s story that adults can fully enjoy. Neil Gaiman is a fantastic writer who seems to be able to turn his hand to whatever peaks his imagination.


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