Readathon: Bout of Books TBR


Bout of Books 17 takes place from 22nd to 28th August. And it’s perfectly timed for me, as I have the week off work! For more information on the readathon, check out the official blog.

Here’s my TBR for the week:

I’m not sure I’ll be able to read all 4 books, but as two of them are pretty quick reads I have my fingers crossed.

  1. The Miserable Mill by Lemony Snickett (A Series of Unfortunate Events #4)

I’ve been making my way through this series before the Netflix adaptation is released, and so far I’m enjoying revisiting them. I know the story of the first three really well, but from The Miserable Mill onwards I can only remembers bits. This is a children’s book so I should be able to get through it pretty quickly.

2. The Taking of Chelsea 426 by David Llewellyn (Doctor Who: New Series Adventures #34)

The Doctor Who: New Series Adventures can be very hit and miss. Some of then are some of my favourite books, others are let downs. But it’s always interesting to see which way this one will go! These are also usually quick reads.

3. The Paper Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg (The Paper Magician Trilogy #1)

This has been sitting on my Kindle for a while now, and I’m in the mood for some magic so I decided to pick this one up. It’s one of those book whose title I’ve heard around alot, but haven’t seen many reviews.

4. The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

I picked up a few Cecelia Ahern novels a few months ago, so it’s time for me to read another. This sounds intriguing, it follows a young woman who discovers a book which contains entries in her own writing dated the following day.

Are you taking part in this readathon? What do you plan to read?


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