Book Review: The Host



The Host by Stephanie Meyer ★★★★☆

Published: 2008

Format: AudioBook

Pages: 620

Genre: Science Fiction, Young Adult

Wanderer is a soul; a species of alien which has invaded Earth taking over the minds of the humans. Wanderer has been given Melanie Stryder’s body, but Mel refuses to give it up. Sharing each others thoughts together they set off in search of Mel’s family, while trying to survive in a world they don’t seem to belong to.

I went into this with a pretty open mind. I’d heard great things, but this does come from the same mind as the Twilight saga which definitely has it’s problems. But I was very glad I gave this a go. While this is a science fiction novel, it’s really the characters and the exploration of what it really means to be human which made this novel stand out. There was a great range of situations explored, and I really appreciated the way Stephanie Meyer showed both the good and bad parts of human behaviour.

I was wary that romance would take the centre stage of this story (the blurb on GoodReads certainly suggests it will), but I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t at all. Yes it was brought up and explored, but it wasn’t central to the narrative and only made up small parts of the book.

Overall I really enjoyed this and definitely recommend checking it out! (The movie however, I’d suggest giving that a miss…)


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