May 2016: Book Haul


So after a restrained month in April buying just 1 book, I went a little overboard in May. But I did pick up some serious bargains along the way.

Books Hauled: 9

After seeing reviews for Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige (set after the Wizard of Oz)pop up on my feed, I had to check it out for myself. When I went to add it to my Amazon wishlist I discovered it was on offer for free on Kindle! So naturally I downloaded is straight away. A couple of other Kindle bargains I picked up were Killing Sarai by J.A. Redmerski (a story about assassins which I’ve heard fantastic things about) and Under Your Skin by Sabinne Durrant (a psycological thriller, I loved Remember Me This Way another one of her novels) at 99p each!

A quick shopping trip meant that I stumbled upon some cheap physical books. I picked up a hardcover of The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon for £2 from The Works. This is one of my favourite bookstores and is great for finding new books to try, as well as the odd popular book (particularly if it’s recently bee adapted). I also checked out the clearance section of my local W H Smith and found copies of Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton (which just looks so pretty) and Bones Never Die by Kathy Reichs (to continue on with a series I haven’t picked up in a long time) for £1 each.

I had a £25 gift card for Amazon this month, most of which I used to pick up the box set of The 100, but I also picked up The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Clare North. The premise sounds really intriguing and it’s been on my wishlist for a while. And finally I popped into a charity shop while on holiday where they were selling second hand books for 30p each! I found Atonement by Ian McEwan and The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky in fantastic condition. I enjoyed both of the films so I look forward to reading the original material.

Which should I pick up first?


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