Readathon: Tome Topple

Tome Topple

Sam from Thoughts on Tomes is running a readathon during June called Tome Topple (Announcement video). It runs for 2 weeks from June 5th (Midnight) until June 19th (11:59pm) in your timezone.

The aim of this readathon is to encourage you to pick up big books, i.e. books with 500+ pages. I love this idea! I’m definitely guilty of avoiding books because of their length.

There are 5 (optional) challenges:

  1. Read more than 1 tome (500+ pages)
  2. Take a graphic novel break (any length)
  3. Read a tome that is part of a series
  4. Read over 500 pages in one week
  5. Read an adult novel


  • Monster of Men by Patrick Ness (Chaos Walking Trilogy #3) – 603 pages
    • I’m hoping I can read this relatively quickly (for a long book) as this is a YA novel and I’m already familiar with the world and its characters, so this should help with challenge #4. I’m looking forward to finally finishing this trilogy (Challenge #3)!
  • A Storm of Swords: Steel and Snow by George R. R. Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire #3 Part 1) – 569 pages
    • These books take me a while to read, so I’m hoping this will motivate me to get on with it. This helps complete Challenge #3 and #5.

I don’t think I’ll manage both of these in two weeks, but fingers crossed! I’m also taking Sam’s advice and adding a graphic novel to my TBR:



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