Book Talk: DNF’ing Books


This is a ‘chatty’ kind of post about DNF’ing books. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, so please comment on what you think about it, and if you’ve DNF’d something recently what were your reasons.

(If you’re not aware DNF means ‘Did not Finish’)

I’ve always been willing to try pretty much any book. I’m a firm believer that no book is completely terrible. If just one person enjoys a book then it’s done its job. That being said you can’t please everyone. Just because one person loves a book, doesn’t mean everybody will. We all have different taste, and that what makes life interesting.

I’m all for giving books a go, but how much of a chance should you give a book? Should you read the full story before judging it completely? Or if you’re not feeling a book should you stop?

I used to read a book all the way through if I started it, no matter what. This meant that I spent a lot of time on a handful of books I couldn’t stand ‘just in case’ it got better.

Since then I’ve come to the decision that if I’m not enjoying a book then I should put it down. I read for pleasure, so why keep going if it’s not a pleasure anymore? I could be reading something I love instead!

I’ve put down 3 books so far this year, for a few different reasons:

1) Eldest by Christopher Paolini (The Inheritance Cycle #2)


Now this wasn’t a bad book. But it had been so long since I’d read the first book Eragon. Eldest carries straight on with the story, and I’d forgot a lot of things and didn’t really care about what was going on. While I enjoyed Eragon, it’s a long book and I have zero motivation to re-read it in order to continue with the series. So I’ve put this one down. I won’t rule out going back to it in the future though!

2) The Complete Alice in Wonderland by John Reppion, Leah Moore and Erica Awano (Originally by Lewis Carroll)


This is a graphic novel adaptation of Alice in Wonderland (a story I really enjoyed when I read). I thought the madness of the original combined with full illustrations would be a match made in heaven. But Alice was extremely annoying in this! And when your protagonist seriously gets on your nerves, it’s hard to enjoy the story…

3) Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (Outlander #1)


This could be a controversial one! This is a hugely popular series, and I loved the sound of it (I’m a sucker for time travel). But for me it just fell flat. I mean the main character gets transported 500 years back in time and barely seems to bat an eyelid! I got 150 pages in before giving up. It’s over 800 pages and I could tell already I wasn’t enjoying it. I think I’ll check out the TV adaptation though. If this story does intrigue you I would suggest trying it as it’s generally enjoyed (it’s 4.19 on Goodreads as I’m typing this). But it’s not for me.

Do you put books down if you’re not enjoying them? What have you put down lately and why?



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