Book Review: Pretty Is by Maggie Mitchell



Pretty Is by Maggie Mitchell

Pretty Is by Maggie Mitchell


Published: 5th May 2016

Pages: 320

Genre: Thriller

This book was provided to me by the publisher (Orion) via Net Galley for review. All opinions are honest and are my own.

Pretty Is follows two women, writer Lois and Carly-May. Nearly 20 years ago, aged 12, they were kidnapped and kept in an isolated cabin in the woods for two months. Now they are living their separate lives, but the events of that summer are back to haunt them.

This is an interesting take on a thriller, in that the main event happened many years ago. We spend the first half of the novel only vaguely know what happened to them, with both women living with new identities to distance themselves from the events. The majority of the novel is written through alternating chapters, which worked brilliantly in this case.

The key focus of this novel is not investigating what happened to them, but rather how they coped later in life. An interested student, along with Lois’ fictionalised version of the event being made into a movie mean that the events of those months are brought to the forefront of both women’s minds.

Overall this was an interesting concept and I did enjoy the writing. There were certain aspects of the story which I felt could have been fleshed out or explained more, and while this was a good novel there wasn’t anything particularly stand out for me. Which is why I am rating this 3 stars.


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