Book Review: Through the Woods by Emily Carroll



Through the Woods by Emily Carroll

Through the Woods by Emily Carroll


Published: 2014

Format: Paperback

Pages: 208

Genre: Graphic Novel, Horror

Through the Woods is a collection of five creepy short stories beautifully written and illustrated by Emily Carroll.

This is my first time reading a graphic novel, and I really enjoyed it. The art work was beautiful through the whole book (just look at that cover!), and flowed wonderfully with the words. And the stories were truly creepy, particularly the first three. Although I have to say that my enjoyment did drop through the stories. The first was a clear favourite for me, following a girl and her two sisters when there father doesn’t return home. Very eerie and subtly creepy. By the time we got to the final story, following a young girl who visited her brother and his new wife, we had a story which went more towards a full on ‘monster’.

I did prefer the subtlety of the first few stories, but with such a range I think there’s something to cover all types of scary story fans!

I’ll definitely keep my eye out for more graphic novels to read. Any recommendations?



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